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Some frequently asked questions

Do Nu-Venture bus drivers accept Contactless payments?

We are pleased to accept contactless and Smartcard payments as well as cash for payments on board all our buses.

Do you accept the English National Concessionary Pass?

Yes - we accept English National Concessionary pass from 0900 in Medway, and 0930 in the County of Kent on Mondays to Fridays, and all day at weekends. Contact Kent County Council or Medway Council for further details.

Is there an unlimited travel day ticket that I can use on the buses of more than one operator in Kent/Medway?

We are pleased to sell and accept the Discovery ticket which is accepted by all bus operators in Kent/Medway and other Southern Counties.

I've lost my KCC Travel Saver/Medway Youth Pass - who should I contact?

For a replacement pass you must contact the issuing authority. Whilst you are waiting for the replacement the correct fare for travel must be paid. If you think you lost your pass on one of our buses, please complete the enquiry form on this page. 

Do you have free Wifi on your buses?

Most of our fleet have free wifi.

Do you allow dogs to travel on your buses?

Dogs are carried at the absolute discretion of the driver, up to a maximum of one per bus, and, if not in a basket, must remain on a lead and on the floor - never on seats for hygiene reasons.

There are no restrictions on the carriage of 'Working' (eg Guide/Hearing/Therapy) Dogs.

We very strongly recommend that passengers do not travel with dogs so as to avoid disappointment.

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