Serving Maidstone Schools and Colleges

Maidstone Town Centre

For Maidstone Schools

From Cranbrook, Staplehurst, Linton, Loose Road

To/From Langley and Sutton Road

To/From Hollingbourne, Bearsted and A20

To Allington, Aylesford Retail Park, Larkfield, East Malling, West Malling and Kings Hill

To/From Twydall, Rainham, Hempstead Valley, Bredhuhrst, Penenden Heath, and Boxley Road

Nu-Venture Bus 72 Will operate at 1620 from Maidstone Town Centre Mondays to Fridays providing a later bus back to Londo Road, Aylesford, Ditton, East Malling, West Malling and Kings Hill on Mondays to Fridays

Nu-Venture Bus 529 users for Oakwood Park alight at Rocky Hill and change to buses 88/130 at Maidstone West Station for onward travel to Oakwood Park. In the afternoon use bus 6 or any other Maidstone-bound bus to reach Maidstone Cannon and change to bus 529 at Pudding Lane.

Nu-Venture Buses 22/26/527 users; change buses in Maidstone; passengers for London Road Schools stay on or transfer to bus 26, Passengers for Tonbridge Road/Oakwood Park stay on or transfer to bus 527.

Oakwood Park Passengers travelling from Maidstone to Oakwood Park in the mornings, Nu-Venture buses 88 and 130 depart from King Street outside Boots.

Tickets and Passes Accepted